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On November 7th 2017 the citizens of Alpena County voted to Construct, Operate, Furnish and Equip a new Alpena County Jail.

This webpage will be used to provide updates on the jail project.

December 5th 2017:

RFQ Architectural Services (RFQ) 


On November 30, 2018 Alpena County requested Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Architectural and Engineering Services for the new Sheriff’s Office and County Jail.  The deadline for submission was January 3, 2018.

Seven architectural firms submitted Statement of Qualifications (SOQ).

BKV Group

Byce & Associates / Securitecture


Goldberg Group Associates (GGA) & Spicer Group

Granger / DLZ

Hooker Dejong Inc. 

SMRT & R.S. Scott Associates

After reviewing the Statement of Qualifications and hearing presentations from the seven firms the Jail Construction Committee narrowed the finalists to three firms;

BKV Group,

Byce & Associates / Securitecture

SMRT & R.S. Scott Associates

March 29, 2018

The Alpena County Board of Commissioners voted 8-0 to hire BKV Group as the architectural firm that will design the new jail. The board also voted 7-1 to accept bids to hire an at-risk construction manager who will oversee the construction process as well as the subcontractors.

April 16, 2018

Alpena County (“County”) requests proposals for Construction Manager at Risk (“CMAR”) to provide preconstruction and construction services for the construction of a new Sheriff’s Office, 106 Bed Jail and Sheriff’s Vehicle Storage Facility in Alpena, MI. These services will be coordinated with an Architectural and Engineering (“A/E”) firm.

May 9, 2018  

Alpena County Sheriff’s Office & Jail
RFP for Construction Manager at Risk Services
Addendum #1

The Request for Proposals (RFP) for Construction Manager at Risk Services for the Alpena County Sheriff’s Office and Jail Project is amended by the following clarifications and information. If any provisions of this addenda conflicts with the existing RFP, the addenda will govern. All other provisions in the RFP remain in effect as published.