Emergency Management

Alpena County Office of Emergency Management

This department is the coordinating agency responsible for County-wide emergency management and disaster preparedness. We plan and coordinate with all public safety agencies as well as non-governmental organizations to provide for the safety of every resident, employee, and visitor in Alpena County through regular testing plans, practice drills, and review of emergency policies and procedures.

This department ensures the efficient utilization of county resources during periods of emergency and disaster and discharges County responsibilities under the Michigan Emergency Management Act (P.A. 390, 1990).

Emergency Operation Plan

Alpena County has an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and stands ready to initiate and direct the plan in the event of a full-scale area emergency.

Community Reminder

During an emergency, notifications will be conducted utilizing the IPAWS mass notification system. Additionally, WATZ 99.3 and WBKB are media partners in our Emergency Alert System to assist in broadcasting emergency alerts to Northeast Michigan, including all of Alpena County.

If there is a major emergency, or a Local State of Emergency is declared, important information will be provided by tuning to these broadcast stations.

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