All booking and warrant fees must be paid in full before money can be used for commissary items.

A jail commissary is provided for inmates to order personal supplies, food stuffs, and other items. Money may be drawn from the inmate's personal account to purchase commissary items. A list of items available for purchase and ordering instructions may be requested from Corrections Staff.

After all booking and warrant fees are paid in full, the jail will withdraw a portion of the funds added to the account to reimburse the County for housing, medical, dental, or any other fees incurred during incarceration.

There is a $150 per week limit on commissary purchases.

Money orders are accepted via mail to the inmate.

There is a kiosk machine located in the jail lobby that can be used for bond or to put money on the inmate's account with credit / debit card or cash. There is a $3 transaction fee to use this machine with cash and a $3.00 or 10% charge to use credit/debit.

You may also visit to deposit money on an inmate's account or post bond.

The inmate trust fund is a repository for inmate money. There is no limit to the amount of money that an inmate may receive into their commissary account. At no time will money in an inmate's account be transferred to another inmate's account.

Combined Public Communications - or 877-998-5678

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